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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, whose main mechanism of action is damage to the membranes of cells. Clinical studies have revealed that melaleuca essential oil has been shown to be effective against a number of superficial diseases including acne, oral candidiasis (thrush) and mycosis of the nails, among many others.

Cleaning Mousse

Facial cleansing foam that instantly refreshes and cleanses the skin gently and effectively, removing impurities and makeup. Its regular use helps to prevent the appearance of pimples. It has a natural Tea Tree oil fragrance. 

Mousse de Limpeza
Sabonte Líquido

Liquid Soap

Tea Tree Oil is indicated to reduce microbial counts in wounds, surgical incisions and vaginal and cutaneous infections, acne, nail infections (including athlete's foot). Tea Tree oil has broad antimicrobial action and, therefore, scientifically proven efficacy for use in formulations of anti-Acne treatments.

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