Learn more about Tea Tree

The Tea Tree essential oil is a powerful non-toxic, non-irritating and natural antiseptic agent. Its various components guarantee that it simultaneously has several uses in human health, makes it difficult to adapt to pathogenic organisms and yet is hardly rejected by the patient. Its efficacy is proven by scientific methods and may be a better option than several conventional remedies, which often only ease the symptoms without addressing the root of the problem.

When to use the oil?

In cases of acne;

As aromatherapy;

In baby rashes;

For asepsis and control of bacteria;

In cases of bromidrose (Stinky feet), chilies;

Normal (runny) or oropharyngeal candidiasis and hemorrhoids;

Dandruff, hair loss and seborrhea;

In oral diseases, canker sores, halitosis (bad breath) and caries prevention;

In cases of toothache;

Throat pain, sore throat, laryngitis, and tonsillitis;

In cases of infected and injured wounds;

Massage for relief of muscular pains and psychological tensions;

Cold sores, genital and zoster or thrush;

In cases of vaginal trichomoniasis, genital and groin itchiness;

When you have low immunity;

Mycosis fungoides (fungus), peeling or ingrown toe and athlete's foot; When you are with Contagious Molluscum;

Otitis (ear pain), abscesses and boils;

In cases of ingrown hair;

In the aid of treatment with radiotherapy;

Infectious sinusitis by inhalation;

In cases of varicose veins;

For the treatment of warts and calluses;

In veterinary use - for mycoses and seborrheic dermatitis.

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