Be Organic

To be organic is to love and respect nature.

Organic product is healthy, clean, cultivated without pesticides and without chemical fertilizers. They come from farming systems based on natural processes that do not harm nature and keep soil life intact. The techniques of organic cultivation are the most suitable for the production of medicinal and aromatic plants, as they allow the obtaining of products of great quality, preserving the active and aromatic principles. The techniques used to obtain the organic product include the use of composting, green manuring, organic soil management and crop diversity, which guarantee the highest biological quality of food.

Currently, the development of technologies for the production of medicinal plants is a work being done in universities and research institutions, and that is already bringing results that can be readily used by producers. The use of organic farming techniques for production is not coincidental. There is research that proves that chemical fertilization changes the content of active principles in some species. The use of pesticides not only alters the quality of these principles, but also leaves toxic waste in the plants, which can lead to intoxication of the user. Therefore, agrochemicals are not allowed in the process of their production.

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